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All over the world Sunday Brunch has become a tradition, with people venturing out to enjoy rich meals at a leisurely pace in the early hours of the afternoon. Since Cape Town is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, the city is no stranger to embracing food trends. We have been serving up decadent dinner fare but now we’re tapping into the locals desire to have a new brunch spot.

“There’s been a global trend towards embracing brunch culture and Cape Town has been no exception. While we’ve seen an upsurge in five to six course brunches, we are more interested in tapping into the casual brunch culture that allows for easy, relaxed dining,” says Executive Chef, Clinton Jacobs.

We have introduced an exciting new concept menu that taps into how you feel. There are four main moods: Hungover, Healthy, Wake & Bake and Indecisive. “We’ve created this menu based on how most people feel when they wake up on a Sunday morning. It’s tapping into the real driver of food consumption – emotion. While we’ve kept the classics that people have come to expect from brunch menus we have also forayed into more interesting combinations,” explains Jacobs.

We’ve taken an audacious approach to the menu, with it set to change according to the mood of our chefs, meaning that one can expect certain staples to be readily available and the rest to be as transient as a particular mood.

“I’m looking at brunch as a chance to really be playful and to explore what food has to offer. After all every mood comes and goes so why shouldn’t our menu speak to the same thing?” concludes Jacobs.